Well-Known YouTubers in the DJ & Pro Lighting Industry Love Ape Labs!

The secret sauce in our battery lights is the software. Our hardware is hand-built in Germany and comes with an industry leading 3-Year warranty….but above all, DJs and lighting professionals truly appreciate the intelligence of our fixtures.

Set-up speed, ease of use, and sound automation modes are some attributes which can’t be properly explained in text.

Check out these Ape Labs review videos. Remember, all products are built with the same software, talk to each other, and operate with the same remote and/or app.

Brian Scott Redd

“This remote made it super easy…”

Brian Scott Redd

“Run them for 6 or 7 hours….pack them up…leave them in your truck….then on Saturday, go out and do a 6 or 7 hour event on the same charge!”

Brian Scott Redd

“Turn them on and you have a washed dancefloor and a light show.”

DJ Barr

“Those ApeSticks look so dope!”

DJ Barr

“I have become a HUGE fan of this light!”

DJ Barr

First thing: Build Quality. This thing is built like a tank! The second thing is: Simplicity – Ease of use.…

DJ Rachel

“This is one of the most innovative, mobile DJ friendly products on the market today.”

DJ Rachel

“These lights are super lightweight, very small, and very portable. So I can literally put them anywhere!”

DJ Rachel

“They look beautiful.”

DJ Edge Team

“It’s classy. It’s simple. It’s not cheesy at all….People have been complimenting it all night because nobody has seen anything like it.”

Ape Labs Dealer


DJ City with Mojaxx

“German manufacturer Ape Labs might not be the best-known name in DJ lighting, but their range of LED fixtures bring some convenient and easy-to-use options to the market. Watch Mojaxx’s review of some of their flagship lights on this week’s Tips and Tricks.”

Digital DJ Tips

“The Ape Labs ApeLight Maxi and ApeLight Mini are fantastic lights for the gigging DJ who doesn’t want to fuss with complicated lighting rigs and control. They’re easy to set up, last long on a single charge, and are built like tanks. They’re not cheap, but they feel like they’re built to last . If you’re a “one man” DJ show and you’ve always wanted to add some lighting but were put off by traditional DJ lights, these are good starting points for your set-up.”

DJ Big Daddy

You found it!
The only video on the web that dares to compare Ape Labs ApeLight Maxi to Blizzard Lighting’s big and bright SkyBox 5 RGBWA, Chauvet’s outdoor rated Freedom Par Quad 4 IP RGBA, Eternal Lighting’s CUBEecho RGBWA+UV, AND a 2 slice toaster?! WHAT, you say, a toaster? Yep, watch the video to see why…

DJ Big Daddy

“Here’s my wife holding a total of 24 ApeLight Maxis….In this comparison test, both of our roadies filled two cases that stored six uplights each, but Mollie finishes four times faster and she still has time to help her fellow crew member carry his 100+ pound rolling cases down the steps.”

DJ’s Unlimited

“This company Ape Labs out of Germany…Quality, Quality Stuff! And these are easy to set up.”

Ape Labs USA

“Word Premiere of Double Wall Mini”