Ape Labs 10 Degree Lens

10 Degree Lens Kit for Can and Coin: $19

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1x 10 Degree Lens

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Introducing the 10 Degree Lens Kit:

Brief Overview: In order to get the most out of your Ape Labs Coin or Can, add the 10 degree lens to create a traditional wash lighting technique.

Brian Redd Showing Off the Lenses: Brian Redd Showing Demoing Uplighting:

Get more out of your Can or Coin!

Many love the Fresnel and frost lenses that come with our Can and Coin, but sometimes a traditional wash is needed. Look no further!

This 10 Degree Lens Kit will turn your Can or Coin into a traditional wash. The output will be very similar to the output from the Mini.
Size: 2.2inch Interior Diameter
Weight: 0.1lbs