Glow Tubes:

Brief Overview: Elevate your Ape Labs lighting set-up by adding the Glow Tube to your fixtures. Compatible with both the Coin or Mini, the Glow Tube provides 360 degree light distribution in a durable polycarbonate package. The Glow Tube comes with a base plate and adapter and is ready for use in any environment.

JZN Lighting Room Creates a Light Show with Tubes

The Glow Tubes are attachable tubes made of polycarbonate that distributes the light of either the Coin or the Mini, 360 degrees over the length of the tube.
NOTE: The MiniTube is different from the CoinTube. Both use the same Tube Extender to double the length, but fixture mounts are different for each.

Mounting hardware for the Mini, comes with the MiniTube. Mounting hardware for the Coin, comes with the CoinTube.

The material is robust and unbreakable. The end cap is made of aluminum. The tube is can be used in many areas of application. Mounting hardware is separable from the tube to allow space-saving transport.

The Ape Labs Tube Extender is a 1 meter extension made of the same material and compatible with either the MiniTube or CoinTube.

LED Tube
360 degree light distribution
With base plate and adapter
Expandable with the Ape LabsTube Extender

The Table Light Adapter is a shortened version of the Coin Tube, designed to fit directly onto the Coin, Can, or Can SE without the need for a base plate. The Table Light Adapter is the same diameter of the 1 meter tubes, but only 5 inches long. So if installed on a Can SE and placed on a dining table, guests will be able to easily see over the fixture.

Transform any Ape Labs Coin or Can into a table light or 360 degree wash effect!
Coin/Mini Tube Size: 2inch Diameter, 3.28ft Long
Table Light Adapter Size: 2inch Diameter, 5 inches Long
Weight: 1.1lbs
Base Plate Size: 11.4inch Diameter
Weight: 1.8lbs