Ape Labs: 100% Made in Germany

The Benchmark for Quality in LED Uplights

At Ape Labs, quality is our guiding principle, and we work tirelessly in that pursuit. Every product is 100% made and engineered in Germany with durable, high-quality, aesthetically pleasing all-metal designs.

Ape Labs stands behind all our LED uplights, and we’re proud to say you can put our lights through some serious abuse, and they’ll just keep going!


Ape Labs USA seeks quality in every facet of our battery-powered wireless uplighting solutions, and that includes our warranty.


We’re so confident every customer will enjoy a hassle-free experience with our products that we’re willing to put our money where our mouth is. That’s why we offer an unprecedented, industry-leading three-year warranty on all Ape Lab USA products.

And unlike other companies, our warranty follows the product, not the owner which means we don’t require you to be the original owner in order to be covered.

Our lights are exceptionally bright thanks to the investment we made into sourcing the highest quality optics and electronics available.


We don’t outsource our manufacturing to China because we want to control every aspect of the design, inspection, and manufacturing process. We’ve invested millions of dollars in equipment testing to ensure our products live up to the standard our customers have come to expect from us, and we’re proud to say we believe we have the highest quality products on the market.

We spare no expense in the design, engineering, manufacturing, and programming of our lighting products. This has resulted in a product with an incredibly small ecological footprint that is also much lighter and easier to use than any other battery-powered uplights on the market today.

Carrying (24) ApeLight Maxi’s at Once!

Keep It Simple: You Spoke; We Listened



Our 2.4 gigahertz radio frequency remote is amazingly versatile, as well as easy and intuitive to use. It also works from some jaw-dropping distances.

See exactly what our simple remote can do >

For the vast majority of venues, our small but powerful remote works great—without the need for complicated, time-consuming DMX programming. However, for those who need the sophistication DMX can bring to a gig, we’ve got you covered. Our massively powerful, industry-accepted Wireless DMX solution can handle any challenge thrown at it. And, our lights automatically switch from remote control to DMX control as soon as you turn on the transmitter. No need to press buttons on the fixtures!

Our engineers have designed our Maxi uplights to be splash proof, ensuring those lights can deal with everyday accidents. Go ahead and use them outdoors. If they get a bit of rain on them or experience an accidental spill, they’ll handle it.

How tough are these uplights?

Every Ape Labs product uses nickel–metal hydride battery technology. Why? Our rechargeable batteries last as long as (or longer than) their lithium ion counterparts—and they’re safer too.


We’ve all read the horror stories about lithium batteries malfunctioning in laptops, cell phones, vape equipment, hoverboards, and more. As a provider of battery-powered uplighting, we want to ensure our customers don’t have any of the problems associated with lithium technology but still enjoy safe, trusted, economical, long-lasting power.

Watch battery comparison time-lapse test

We aim to provide the most intuitive, lightest, smallest, safest, most versatile, and best designed battery-powered wireless uplights the industry has to offer.

We design our products to be the best—the lightest, the most durable, the simplest to use—and we’re confident you’ll love what we’ve come up with. Whether you’re a private DJ looking to light up the dance floor at a wedding or a professional crew that needs to illuminate a major stage event, our products have everything you’re looking for in a battery-powered wireless uplight.

But don’t take our word for it. Here’s what some industry leaders are saying about us.