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Ape Labs Coin & CoinBank Intro Trifecta in MusikMode (a one button show)

Brief Overview: The Ape Labs Coin Bank is the perfect housing for your Ape Labs Coins. Made out of polished metal, the Coin Bank can hold three Ape Labs Coins and a USB battery pack. The Coins install immediately using the built in magnets and with a USB splitter, you can patter three Coins with one 2-port battery pack. Consider adding the Coin Bank to take your lighting to the next level.

The CoinBank is a polished, metal housing which holds up to (3) Ape Labs Coins and (1) USB Battery Pack. Since Coins have built-in magnets, they easily and securely attach to the metal plate in seconds. It comes with (1) 2-Way USB splitter so you can use one standard USB battery pack (with two ports) for three Coins.

When you add the CoinBank to your Ape Labs arsenal, your uplighting potential is only limited by your imagination!

Limited imagination? Don't worry, there's more than enough pre-set options! The CoinBank is designed to hold (3) Ape Labs Coins: Left, Right, and Center. The left side has (4) pre-set angle adjustments. The right side has (4) pre-set angle adjustments. And the entire structure has (7) pre-set angle adjustments.
Plus, each coin has (3) optional lenses available. That means that each CoinBank can produce 3,024 different pre-set looks....with just one color. Since each Coin is independently controllable, and the ApeRemote offers (20) pre-set color scenes, you'll have over 24 Million different pre-set looks you can create from just one CoinBank (filled with three Coins) and an ApeRemote!

Looking for the package that includes the light fixtures? Select the Trifecta (which includes the CoinBank, (3) Coins, and (3) 10 Degree Lenses).

Adjustments for the CoinBank are in 7.5 Degree increments. So each wing (the left and the right Coin holders) can be adjusted to 0, 7.5, 15, or 22.5 degrees away from the center Coin. Also, the entire structure (all three Coin holders) can be adjusted left or right to 0, 7.5, 15, or 22.5 Degrees as well.
Size: 9 x 3.3 x 4 inches
Weight: 1.8lbs

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