Ape Labs Coin & CoinBank Intro Trifecta in MusikMode (a one button show)

Brief Overview: Leveraging our revolutionary Coin and CoinBank, the Ape Labs Trifecta is an all-in-one lighting solution. Consisting of three Coins, three 10-degree lenses, and a CoinBank, the Trifecta is great for room washing or short throw accents. Combine with a battery pack and wireless remote to make the feature completely hands-free. Combined together, the Trifecta offers over 24 million color scenes that can be created to fit any scene.

Modular Lighting with Limitless Potential!

The Trifecta is made up of:
(3) Ape Labs Coins w/ Fresnel & Frost Lenses
(3) Ape Labs 10 Degree Lenses
(1) Ape Labs CoinBank w/ USB Splitter


  • Use as 1 light fixture or as 3 separate light fixtures
  • 45 Watts - RGBW LED (or 3x 15 Watt fixtures)
  • Individually Controllable & Removable Diodes
  • 10 Degree LED optics:  Great for Traditional Uplighting
  • Unique 65 Degree Fresnel Effect Lens Included: Great for Uplighting & Wall Art
  • 170 Degree Frost Lens Included: Great for Room Washing & Short Throw Accents
  • Uplighting designs are limitless
  • Add your own USB battery Pack to make fixture completely wireless - Battery holder built-in
  • Splashproof: Insulated Electronics Against Temporary Infiltration of Liquids
  • Additional Accessories Available


  • 100% Made in Germany
  • 3-Year USA Warranty
  • 3,000ft Wireless DMX Range
  • 100ft Wireless Remote Control Range
  • Compatibility: All Ape Labs Fixtures Play Nice with Each Other
  • MusikMode: One Button Creates an Intelligent Music Light Show (not the "sound active" you’re used to!)
  • Control via DMX, RF Remote, or Smartphone (Android or iOS)
  • Groupable: Simplified Programming with DMX-Like Results
  • Built-in Presets, Dimmable, Adjustable Speed, Independent or Grouped MusikMode, DMX Modes (3Ch, 4Ch, 8Ch)
  • All Metal Housing
  • Easy, Efficient, Elegant 


Ape Labs CoinBank
The CoinBank is a polished, metal housing which holds up to (3) Ape Labs Coins and (1) USB Battery Pack. Since Coins have built-in magnets, they easily and securely attach to the metal plate in seconds.

When you add the CoinBank to your Ape Labs arsenal, your uplighting potential is only limited by your imagination!

Limited imagination? Don't worry, there's more than enough pre-set options! The CoinBank is designed to hold (3) Ape Labs Coins: Left, Right, and Center. The left side has (4) pre-set angle adjustments. The right side has (4) pre-set angle adjustments. And the entire structure has (7) pre-set angle adjustments.
Plus, each coin has (3) optional lenses available. That means that each CoinBank can produce 3,024 different pre-set looks....with just one color. Since each Coin is independently controllable, and the ApeRemote offers (20) pre-set color scenes, you'll have over 24 Million different pre-set looks you can create from just one CoinBank (filled with three Coins) and an ApeRemote!

Create an effect similar to the original Ape Labs MobiLight or ApeLight Art by using three Coins with Fresnel lenses. Create an effect similar to an Ape Labs Maxi by using three Coins with 10 Degree Optics. Or create anything in between!


Ape Labs Coin
The output of the ApeCoin is almost identical to that of the famous LightCan. The difference is that the Coin smaller and doesn't have internal batteries. The Coin can be powered by any 5V USB power supply (battery or wall unit) with an output of at least 0.5 Amps.

The 3-in-1 Coin comes with the super unique Fresnel effect lens, that everyone has come to love from the LightCan. This creates its signature "Wall-Art" effect that you have to experience to fully understand. Whether you have it against wall, behind a facade, under a table, pointed at the dancefloor, or highlighting an object, it'll get some serious attention!

Need more? No problem. Swap out the lens for its included frost lens to give it a crazy wide, 170 degree beam, which is perfect for real short throws.

Want something more traditional? No problem. Swap out the lens for the 10 degree optic lens kit, included with this package. This will give you a traditional uplight effect that you'd get from a standard par.

Fear not, the Coin has you covered!

NOTE: This fixture does not have on-board controls so an ApeRemote, W-App, or W-Ape is required to control the fixture. Buying the “solo” option does not include a controller. This fixture can be used by plugging into any USB outlet or USB battery pack. USB Battery Packs are not sold by Ape Labs, but any standard 5V pack will work. For 12+ Hour Battery Life, we recommend at least 24,000mAh packs.

Each Coin:
Size: 2.3 x 1.0 inches
Weight: 0.66 lbs

Size: 9 x 3.3 x 4 inches
Weight: 1.8lbs

Download Coin Manual

ApeRemote Tutorial Video